Tigers for Life...

Greg and Tara BoehneIf you ask Greg and Tara Boehne, they will tell you they are Tigers forever. Now, through a gift of life insurance, they will create scholarships for future Tigers forever.

When asked about how they settled on doing a gift for MU, Tara, BHS '91, said that it is something they've thought about for a long time. "We started having kids of our own and realized it is important that they understand what we had done. And it was neat to bring them back here and kind of show them where we had gone to school and where we had met."

Greg and Tara both said they got the idea to make a gift of life insurance after reading an advertisement in Mizzou magazine. Greg, BS Ed '91, added, "If we can help someone after we are gone and leave a legacy, that's a good thing."

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Greg described talking with someone from the Office of Gift Planning and Endowments who informed him about the different ways he could designate the gift and found it very helpful. "He walked me through that process," Greg says. "Once I had decided to do it, I really relied upon him to help me see how to do it in exactly the way we would want." The Boehnes are creating scholarships that give preference to students from Greene County who will be majoring in either education or occupational therapy.

The sad thing is we could have done this a long time ago.

For information about how to establish your own Mizzou Legacy, contact The Office of Gift Planning and Endowments at 1-800-970-9977 or 573-882-0272 or today!

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