Responses to "Do you remember?"

Bob DavidsonBob Davidson, BS BA '70, said the photo was taken during the 1969 Homecoming parade. Davidson was the drum major for Marching Mizzou in 1968 and 1969. "What is unique about this picture is that it was unusual for Marching Mizzou to perform in street parade formation because the band was accustomed to performing half-time shows on the football field," Davidson says.

Dale Clithero, BS Ed '70, M Ed '73, PhD '83, points out that the lead bass drum player is Richard Barger BS Ag ‘69, MS '70, who was very important because the bass drum is the heartbeat of the band. He says that Barger's wife, Rita BS Ed '68, MA '70, PhD ‘99, was also in the band in the snare drum section but is not visible in this photo. However, Clithero identifies Kevin Sims BS Ed ‘72, the snare drummer to Barger's right.

The Parade would start near the football field, proceed through campus and then head downtown with a final surge on Broadway, Davidson says.

"It must have been a rainy day because the band members are not wearing the white plumes on top of the hats. They were made of feathers and would have been damaged by the rain."

Marching BandI am out of the picture because the drum majors and Golden Girls are at the front of the band. Alexander Pickard was director of bands and John Alexander was assistant director. Both were professional trumpet players, and Missouri was very lucky to have them on campus."

The band marched into the stadium from the open end zone prior to each home game, playing "Every True Son" and "Fight Tigers" down the track on the student side until reaching the traditional Marching Mizzou stand at the bottom of the enclosed end zone.

The Homecoming parade and the Orange Bowl parade were the only other street parades I remember from that year.

Of course, the 1969 season was a Big Eight Championship season, and I have great memories of an exciting Marching Mizzou season with a talented group of musicians."

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