$1 Billion Better, Thanks to You

The impact of planned giving on the For All We Call Mizzou campaign

On Nov. 7, 2008, Chancellor Brady Deaton announced that the For All We Call Mizzou campaign has achieved its $1 billion goal. Over the past eight years, the planned gifts of Legacy Society members helped the university reach this monumental achievement. Consider the following:

Since the beginning of the campaign, you have made nearly 2,500 planned gifts, representing more than $300 million in contributions-that's almost one-third of the campaign total. Of that $300 million, more than $60 million has been realized through estate distributions, many of which have already funded endowments and other projects.

During the campaign, the MU Legacy Society was established to recognize planned giving donors. There are now more than 830 member households in the society, and that number grows each day as more donors recognize the benefits of making a planned gift to the University of Missouri.

A planned gift to MU is more than just a bequest from a will, though bequest-type gifts represent 90 percent of all planned gifts. Also popular are life income arrangements through charitable remainder trusts and a new kind of planned gift: the charitable gift annuity./

Charitable gift annuities provide fixed-amount payments to annuitants during their lifetimes. At the end of the annuitants' lifetimes, a remainder amount becomes available for MU as directed by the donors' agreement.

Since MU started issuing gift annuities in 2005, they have become increasingly popular. Fifty-nine gift annuities worth $4.2 million are established. The future appears bright for MU when you consider what these gifts will accomplish. Many will fund new endowments to provide scholarships, such as the new University of Missouri Flagship Scholars program, or to support faculty in the schools and colleges. Already the campaign has seen 673 new scholarships and 86 new professorships and chairs funded.

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