Joyce Lake Created Her Own Mizzou Legacy

Joyce LakeTalking about Mizzou for Joyce Lake, BS Ed '59, M Ed '63, is like breathing for most other people; it just comes naturally. After two degrees from MU and 16 years working for the University, Joyce said, "I am Black and Gold. People who know me know how much I love Mizzou."

Her love for MU shows through as Joyce recently recalled her career working with University alumni. She was in charge of the Touring Tigers program, as well as a number of major alumni events each year. She said Touring Tiger trips were fun, but the most interesting trip probably was traveling to Russia just before the Iron Curtain fell. She admitted that her job with the MU Alumni Association "was the best job for me because I got to talk all day, plan parties and take trips." Joyce Lake Created Her Own Mizzou Legacy.

Most of all Joyce, who retired as director of alumni programs in 1999, said she loved the people she worked for and worked with.When asked what convinced her to do a Mizzou charitable gift annuity she said, "Well, of course it was my love for Mizzou."

Joyce recounted how a friend of hers who works in development told her about this new thing called a Mizzou charitable gift annuity. He explained that her gift annuity would provide a fixed income for life. She would receive a charitable income tax deduction and her annuity payments would be partially tax-free.

The more she thought about it, the more Joyce felt like this was something she could do.

"I am a strong believer that people need to give back to institutions and to individuals who have played a major role in their lives," Joyce said. "I like being able to get a little income for myself and the added nice benefit of getting a tax break," she continued. "I mean, where else can you get all three of those things except from a charitable gift annuity."

Joyce always planned to put Mizzou in her will, but really hadn't thought about being able to do anything now. "It's sort of like I'm getting to use the money and (MU is) getting to use the money at the same time-which is nice!"

Joyce encouraged others to do the same: "I think it's a great program, and I'm really glad we've got it." Joyce's gift will benefit the MU Alumni Association.

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