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Show Me Staff

Show Me Staff

Do you remember? According to the 1957 Savitar, the following members of the Show-Me staff are depicted in this picture taken at "The Shack." FRONT ROW: Dick Johnston, Barb Jones, Nanci Schelker, Skip Troelstrup, Ginny Turman, John McSkimming, J. J. Aasen. BACK ROW: Barney Kinkade, Bob Clatanoff, Brack Hinchey, Matt Flynn, Sue Wilson, Charlotte Peaslee, Dick Noel, Tom Watson, Margi Foster, Dave Freeman, Paula Fozzy, Ron Voigt, Noel Tomas, Ron Farr.

Responses to "Do you remember?" in the 2010 issue of Mizzou Legacies newsletter. The last issue (2010) of Mizzou Legacies stated: "This 1957 picture of the Shack includes members of the Missouri Showme staff. If you recognize someone in the photo or can tell us more about it, we'd love to hear from you. Your responses were wonderful. Here are a few:

Megan McKinney Whitfield, BA '56, wrote us to say: "Regarding the 1957 picture of the Missouri Showme staff at the Shack in Do You Remember?: The young man in glasses standing second left in the back row was misidentified in a similar shot that appeared in Mizzou several years ago. His correct name is Robert (Bob) Clatanoff, BA '57, MA BA '58 and MA '62.

"Bob and I grew up together on the Mizzou campus as students at the University Laboratory School, which was located directly across from the Shack. He is now retired after a distinguished career at the University of Chicago. I see him occasionally at social events in Chicago, where we both live, and find him as witty and delightful as he was during his years at U High and on the Showme staff. What a wonderful feature!"

Sylvia Guffin Noel, BJ '57 & MA '59, mentioned that she recognized Clatanoff as one of four Columbia natives she recognized in the photo. Of Clatanoff she writes that he worked as a librarian at the University of Chicago until his retirement. He continues to live there.  She said she though he was the circulation manager for 'Showme.'

The other Columbia natives Noel recognized included her late husband. "Standing in the back row and just left of the left-hand post is my now deceased husband, Richard (Dick) Bollinger Noel, BA '59.  He is holding up a glass of beer, wearing glasses and has a cigarette sticking out of his mouth.  Dick was an English major and cartoonist and columnist for "Showme" beginning in his senior year at Hickman High School.  After MU, he worked mostly in Kansas City for Hallmark as a cartoon artist and humor writer."

Noel recognized the late Glen Troelstrup, BJ '57, also known as "Skip" Troelstrup, and seated in the booth on the left. Noel said, "He is the guy looking down and to his left but not wearing glasses." Noel said she thought Troelstrup was a senior journalism major who went on to work for "Stars and Stripes" while in the military.

Noel also recognized Nancy Schelker (Bishop), BJ '57, currently of Chicago, IL, and another senior journalism major.  Noel said she is seated to the right of Troelstrup, her eyes closed and only the top of her head visible. Noel said that the Showme staff regularly held their staff meetings at the Shack. A copy of Showme magazine from 1957 lists both Schelker and Troelstrup as editors.

Mr. Edwin Matt Flynn, BA '59, MS '60, also from Columbia, Noel mentioned was in the far back left side of the picture. According to Noel, he is the one who appears to be holding up the ceiling with his left hand and arm. Matt has lived in Kansas City for many years and taught at Penn Valley Community College until his retirement.

Dick Johnston, BA '59, called. He said that a friend sent him a copy of the Mizzou Legacies newsletter with the Showme staff at the Shack and that the fellow sitting down in the left-hand corner is "me." Dick was the business manager. Braxton Hinchey is standing right above Dick. He was the assistant business manager and also a frat brother. According to alumni records Samuel B. Hinchey, BA '59, MA '62, PhD '70, lives in New Hampshire. He is retired professor of marketing from the University of Massachusetts.

Sherri McGrath, BS ED '58, of Clayton, NC, called with the following information: "In the bottom left-hand corner next to the guy leaning with his hand on his chin - the girl next to him is (the late) Beverly Engle (Kenny, BA '58, BJ '58). Beverly was from Butte, MT."  McGrath said Engle Kenny, was McGrath's roommate freshman year in Johnston Hall. McGrath said she thought Engle majored in journalism and theater. She said she thought she remembered Engle tried to start a card section for football. Engle Kenny later married and moved to New York, City.

Joanna Todd Brown, BA '58, of Ashville, NC, said that she thought that the blond in the center to the right of the guy with glasses and cigarette is Sue Wilson. According to Brown she remembers Sue was a Chi Omega.

Bruce Loewenberg, BSF '61, of Clark, Missouri, called. He said the guy on the far right is Ronnie Farr. Farr was from Raytown and only at MU for one year before joining the Navy. He was a cartoonist. Several of his cartoons were in the '56-'57 editions of the Showme magazine. Bruce said that Farr passed away. Loewenberg served as Farr's best man in his wedding.
Loewenberg says he may know where the original front door is located if anyone is interested....

The picture of the Showme staff appeared on pg. 127 of the 1957 Savitar. Here is what the yearbook had to say about Showme: "Staff parties not only produce lots of fun and laughs for Showme workers but also some of the major ideas used in Missouri's humor magazine. Staff members come from their monthly parties or Shack "meetings" loaded with ideas and jokes for their next publication. Many other campus magazines continue to steal or borrow from the M.U humor offering. A new innovation of co-editors worked out successfully during this year, which also found Dick Johnston acting as business manager second semester. The Showme Queen contest proved exciting as always and was followed with the traditional Crystal Ball. Anyone who can read or write is invited to apply for and receive work on the Showme."

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